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Injury, Prevention, Exercise & Stretches for Gardeners

Chris DalCeredo is an Orthopedic Program Director at the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains. He will demonstrate techniques that can help in your day to day gardening activities. DalCeredo will show strategies for use of muscles and joints, and even how pacing oneself can improve activities of daily living that can help you enjoy your gardening chores.             



Make the Salad

Hold the Lettuce!

Carol Durst-Wertheim, Ph. D has taught and served in the administration of several NY universities in culinary arts, food studies, hospitality and tourism programs. She shared so much knowledge with us about why and how to keep your food safe. She also made us some delicious grain/protein salads. Click here for the recipes and some ideas for your cooking this week. 



The Spirit of Stone

Jan Johnsen is a landscape designer and author with a passion for plants, rocks, and gardens. She has been in the design and horticulture profession for forty-five years. She is an award-winning instructor at the New York Botanical Garden and taught for several years at Columbia University.



Mushroom Growing and Hand-on Workshop

Deb Taft is a founding member of Westchester Growers' Alliance whose mission is to serve and strengthen agriculture in our region. She completed an internship in beekeeping and biodynamics at The Pfeiffer Center in Rockland County, started farming on her own in 2010, and does consultation, teaching, and beekeeping.



Orchid Growing

Joyce Tomaselli is Community Horticulture Resource Educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Dutchess County. Her work involves coordinating volunteer Master Gardeners and their outreach programs. She and her husband have grown orchids for over thirty-five years.

and much more....


Mozzarella Making

Eddy Trotta is the owner of Trotta Foods, now based in Thornwood, and  son of the founders, Orlando 'Al' and Anna Trotta. The Trottas have  expanded the 'factory' as they lovingly refer to it, from its small  storefront to a fully equipped facility capable of producing other  homemade products such as sauces, soups, sausage, fresh mozzarella and  many varities of pasta. Eddy gave us a wonderful hands-on demonstration -  and taste - of how to make and enjoy fresh mozzarella.

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